Aims and Scope

The goal of Veterinary Research Journal is to publish the most up-to-date articles in order to improve and advance knowledge in different areas of veterinary sciences, while observing all criteria of international publishing. As such, all researchers, academics, and scientists are encouraged to cooperate in this path. The journal evaluates and reviews the articles by esteemed researchers in areas of epidemiology and public health, parasitology and parasitic diseases, descriptive and clinical pathology, feed health of animals, birds, and fish, nutrients’ health, the health and diseases of fish, birds, big or small livestock, diagnostic imaging techniques, surgery, anesthesiology, locomotor organs’ diseases, basic sciences (biochemistry, anatomy, embryology, histology, and physiology), pharmacology and toxicology, midwifery and reproduction diseases, microbiology and immunology, hematology and clinical biochemistry, and other animal areas of animal sciences. Obviously, if the article is suitable, it will be published as soon as possible.