The journal’s reviewers are selected from the best figures with sufficient experience in the area of the submitted article. All the same, to burden each of the reviewers with such a responsibility might need to take enough time. Therefore, members of the editorial board of “Veterinary Research Journal” ask the authors to value such responsibility and appreciate their patience. The articles in Veterinary Research Journal are reviewed with fairness and in the minimum period of time possible in a way that none of the reviewers are aware of the authors’ names. In this way, it will be guaranteed that the articles are published by the journal with appropriate quality. For this purpose, Veterinary Research Journal needs reviewers who are meticulous, giving their useful opinions about the submitted article to the journal, four to six weeks after accepting its review. For Veterinary Research Journal to remain a high-quality scientific journal needs the cooperation of experienced, meticulous, and fair reviewers for evaluating the submitted articles.