Peer Review Process


In order to be in line with international publication standards, Veterinary Research Journal is based on peer review and free access. As such, the journal has selected double-blind procedure. Hence neither the author(s) nor the reviewers are aware of each other’s’ identity. This will cause the review process to be only scientific without any pre-judgment or prejudice. In the event of submitting the article to the journal, after a brief evaluation and in case of observing the framework relevant to paper publication, the specialized secretary or the members of the editorial board select three reviewers. After a standard period of time, the reviewing result will be sent to the author in one of the four ways below:

  1. Accepting the article in its original form, without any need for change
  2. Accepting the article after some slight changes
  3. Accepting the article on the condition of making some total changes
  4. Rejection

In case there is no consensus between the author and the reviewers, the chief editor will decide about accepting or rejecting the article. In case it is decided to publish the article, the reviewers’ opinions are included in the article, itself. The authors are given fourteen days to apply the required changes. The amended article will be sent to the same reviewers along with the applied changes. This process will continue until the final decision about accepting or rejecting the article. In case of accepting the article, after applying all amendments in accordance with the journal’s format and after paying the relevant fee, the article will be published in future volumes of the journal’s website. The average time from submitting the article to the final decision might take two to five months. Obviously, the faster the article is accepted, the sooner it will be published.

If the texts, saved in the system, are in line with the specific area of the journal and are appropriate in accordance with most standards, set by the journal, they will be sent for review and in case of chief editor’s final consent, they will enter the publication process.