Objective: Anatomical study of the total lengths of the normal
mature buffalo penis before and after erection and compare them in order to find the penis abnormalities in this animal.
Animals: A total of 30 samples of mature buffalo penis.
Procedure: The penises were separated at the root part, divided
to three parts, and and lengths of these sections were measured then added together to find final length.The penis was stimulated for erection by injection of serum in it, measure the segments
and compare them with non erection stage, also measured the glans
and urethral process in these two stages.
Results: The total length of penis in non erection stage was 62/9±0.07cm and the second part had the greatest length. The dorsoventral diameter was more than the transverse diameter in the
first and the third part. The total length of penis after erection was
8040•06cm The greatest increase of length was seen in the second part of the penis, after erection, the dorsoventral diameters of penis in all parts decreased but the transverse diameters and it increased a little was seen in the first part. The length of the glans was
2.38±0.5cm and the width in the flat part was 1.02±0.5. The length
of uretral process was 1.42±0.5.
Discussion: The diameter of glans of buffalo is less than bull and the spiral shape of distal end in bull isn’t seen in buffalo. During the erection the length of the penis increases about 17.5cm. The
greatest increase is seen in the second part on account of remove
the sigmoid flexure. During erection only the transverse diameter of the penis increases that is because of presence of large cavernouse spaces in laterally. According to stiffness of the penis before and
after erection buffalo penis was classified fibroelastic group.