Objective: Determination of frequency of helminthes infection rate of liver and economical lost.
Design: Random sampling.
Animals: Carcasses of 2386 buffalo.
Procedures: In this survey, 2386 carcasses of buffalo examined in Urmia industrial slaughterhouse and 220 (9.2 %) infected livers platyhelminthes transferred to parasitology lab in College of Veterinary Medicine from December 2000 to June 2001. Worms were separated and counted. To determine ecnomical lost, number of confiscated livers and their cost per day were recorded. Results: From 67375 worms removed and counted, four species of helminthes have been identified in confiescated liver of sheep, of which three were trematodes with one metacestode. The highest rates relating to Dicrocoelium denderiticum 98.35% followed by Fasciola hepatica 0.65% F.gigantica 0.114 and infected liver by hydatid cyst was 0.89% Infection rate of trematode, cestode and mixed infection were 25%, 60% and 15%, respectively. During this survey, the economical lost for 494 kg/day were 10404000 RI. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 1: 19-20, 2003.