Objective: Comparison the ratio of live and dead spenn cells and . “
investigation protoplasmic droplets of sperm cells collected from different parts of epididymis of Zell rams in autumn and winter.
Design: Descriptive study.
Procedure: Zell ram testicles (n=l00) were obtained from slaughter-
house, different parts of epididymis (caput, corpus and cauda) were incised.The sperm samples derived from each part were put onto the slide glass. Samples were stained using eosin - nigrosin procedure
and examined under an optic microscope.
Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics, X2-test
Results: Totally, 71% of sperm cells were alive. The proportion of live sperms in right and left testicles were not significantly different.
Protoplasmic droplets were observed in 57% of sperm cells, of
which no significant different was seen among different parts of “
epididyrmis (caput, corpus and cauda) and among left and right testicles in autumn or winter.
Conclusion: A considerable part of Zell rams epididymal sperm cells are alive in autumn and winter and could be considered
as a sperm reservoir for further use. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. - Tehran. 58, 1: 25-28, 2003.