Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of cryptosporidium muris-like (Andersoni) among dairy cattle in dairy farm located in lsfahan city. In addition, histologeal changes in the abomasums in slauyhter house and the associated link of mice and water as a source of infestation were investigated. Design: Field survey.
Procedure: In this study cattle fecal samples were taken from dairy farms located at outskirts of the Isfahan city. In order to test the mice as a possible source of contamination, mice were caught by mouse trap from farms and the houses within the vicinity of the farm. To study the extent of sewage system contamination, 200 samples from different locations of the sewage manhole of two selected farm were taken. In addition, mucosal samples from the abomasums of slaughtered cows were prepared by scratch smear method. Mice free from previous infestations were inoculated by orally with positive abomasums and samples their feces were tested on daily basis until oocysts were detected. Both light and electromicroseopic studies were made on the positive abomasum samples to investigate histopathologic changes and the location of parasite.
Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics.
Results: The overall percentage of C. muris-like positive feces was 2.66%. Among the mice captured in and houses within the vicinity of the frams 9.1 8 and 1 .85% were found to be positive for C.parvum and 6 percent of which were also contaminated with C.muris-like type. Among the mucosal samples taken from the abomasums at the slaughterhause 3.36% were positive for C.muris-like parasite. The feces of 75% of mice inoculated with isolated cryptosporidium were found to be positively infected. Microscopic examination of abomasal samples revealed the parasite with in the lumen of peptic glands. In addition, there was degree of accumulations of inflammatory cells at lamina propria of positive abomasums. Conclusion: The results of this study revealed the existences of C.muris like padasite (andersoni) in the abomasums of sonic dairy cattle at the dairy farms around Isfahan city. The role of mice and water as a socurce of cantamination was also investigated. J. Fec. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 1: 37-40, 2003.