Objective: Study of the histological and histomorphometrical changes in the uterus of buffalo in the follicular and luteal phases of estnis cycle. Design Comparative study.
Animals: Samples of the uterus along with ovaries were collected
from 20 buffalos.
Procedure: The selected specimens underwent tissue processing i.e. fixation with 10% neutral formlin, tissue Passage, sectioning (5-7im) and staning with Hematoxylin- Eosin method. In the histomorphometry of specimens the thickness of endometrium, myometrium and perimetrium were measured in micrometer. The thickness of glands and their mean distribution in 0/25 mm2 were assessed
Statistical analysis: Student “t” study.
Results: Our results presented in two sections i.e A) Histological study; the epithelium of the endometrium was simple columnar and
occasionally in some places pseudostratified columnar and simple ,, ,
cuboidal. In the superficial region the connective tissue of the
subepithelium was loose but around the endornetrial glands it was
relatively fibrous form. The myometrium was made up of two layers, i.e. inner circular and outer longitudinal. B) Histomorphometrical study, reveald that thicknesses of endometrium and myometrium in
the follicular and luteal phases have not showed significant differences. - Although the thicknesses of epithelium and glands and the distribution
of the gland in the luteal phase were increased, the differences were
not significant, where as, there was significant difference between the gland epithelium and thickness of glands (p<0.O 1). )
Conclusion: (I) Increase in thickness of myometrium and
perimetrium caused by effect of estrogen in the follicular phase.
(2) Progestrone improves the epithelial and glandular thicknesses
in the luteal phase. (3) Estrogen also causes branching of the
glands. Thus these results confirms the concept that in the uterus of the Buffaloes estrogen and progestrone effects in both the follicular and luteal phases on the epitheliurn, glands, myometrium and perimetrium. .1. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 1: 53-59, 2003.