Objective: To evaluate acupuncture therapeutic regimens on histomorphological changes of radial bone healing in dog Study.
Design: Prospective randomized experimental study.
Animals: Six young adult clinically normal male crossbred dogs weighing 24.6±4.4 Kg and 25.0±8.4 months old.
Methods: All dogs were anaesthetized with 5% thiopentone sodium and maintained with 1% halothane. A piece of 1cm bone fragment was removed from right midshaft of radial bone and externally plaster of paris cast were used. Acupuncture treatment was given daily 10 minutes for two weeks in experimental group (3 animals) by locating acupoints LI-11, LI-4; ST-36 and TH-5, where as no treatment was given in control group (3 animals) till end of 90 days of observations period. The two callus samples were collected from each case for histomorphological study which were stained with H&E stain. Result: There was more hyaline cartilage with connective tissue in control group where as more bony tissues, and trabecule formation with haversian canal in condensed form in experimental animals. Conclusion: Acupuncture therapeutic regimens for two weeks period had positive and stimulatory effect on callus formation with comparatively more bony tissues with trabecule formation and with the least fibrocartilagc in experimental animals. Under the present condition acupuncture as a physical method of therapy is quite effective in bone healing and faster remodelling of callus. J. Fec. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 1: 73-77, 2003.