Objective: Diagnosis of tuberculosis disease in goat by isolation of Mycobacterium and differentiation strain.
Designe: observational study.
Animals: Of one thousand goats.
Procedure: Shaving of4x20cm dimensions at the border between midcranial and midcaudal in the left side of neck Injection of the avian and mammalian tuberculine in upper and lower points respectively with interwal of 10-20cm. To me sure thickness of skin before and after the test in 72 hours after injection time. (Comparative intradermal test).
To do clinical and necropsy examination in reactor and suspicious goats. Sampling of organs with visible lesion and available lymphoid glands in non visible lesion. To do Bacteriology, Polymerase Chain Reaction and Pathological tests on samples.
Results: In all goats which were studied. 7 goats responded positive and 4 suspicious. In necropsy findings. 6 goats were non visible lesion and 5 with visible lesion. Mycobacterium was not isolated in NVL but among 5 goats with VL, mycobacterium bovis and M. tuberculosis strains respectively in 3 goats and 1 goat were isolated and differentiated. PCR test confirmed those results. Pathological consideration showed typical lesion granulomatosis.
Clinical implications: This study is the first research about mycobacterium in goat in Iran. It shows that the presence of tuberculosis in goat is expected in Iran.