Objective: Study about occurance of brucellosis in mentally - ill patients.
Design: Observational study.
Procedure: The survey was carried out on 500 persons who were reffered to a mental assylum & were hospitalized for treatament of mental diseases. In this study, their sera were obteined & tested for presence of antibodies reacting with brucella antigens in rapid agglutination test, Wright test, 2 - Mercaptoethanol (2ME) test, Combs test and complement fixtion test (CFT).
Stalistical analysis: Descriptive statistics.
Result: 0.4 °/o of patients were positive via serological tests for diagnosis of brucellosis and active form of disease was confirmed for one patients (0.2°/n of patients)
Conclusion : It is possible that some mentally - ill patients is infected with brucellosis and some neuropsychotic signs of patients is resulted from brucellosis. Therefore, in mentally - ill patients, the attention to diagnosis of brucellosis may be essential to successful treatment of their neureopsychotic disorders.