Objective: The purpose of this study was to determaine the haemoglobin phenotypes, in respect to kinds and amount of haemoglobin in the adult Iranian sheep from different breeds.
Design: Descriptive study.
Animals: Two hundered and thirty nine blood samples were obtained from adult Iranian breeds sheep, including Chall breed (64 samples), Sangsary breed (75 samples), Mehraban breed (39 samples) and lei breed (61 samples) from both sexes in two groups from 6-24 mouths.
Procedure: All samples were tested after isolation of red blood cells and washing then numerously. Electrophoresis of the samples were carried, by cellulose acetate method (CAE) pH= 8.6, voltage 400, during 30 minutes and measured by densitometry (LRE medizintechic, Germany) total haemoglobin was measured by cyano methemoglohin metod. Ilcmolysis of all samples were used for electrophoresis and total haemoglobin was measured, as well.
Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics.
Results: The results of this study show that the phenotype of Hb in Shall breed, Sangesar breed, Mehraban breed and lei breed are ABC, ABCD, ABC and AC, respectively.
Clinical implications: Since in Sangsary breed only one phenotype of Hb (ABCD) and in lei breed only AC phenotype was proved, determination of originality of these breeds from each other and other breeds is Possible by CAE of Haemoglobin. J. Fac. Vet. Med. univ. Tehran. 57,4: /3-/6,2002.