Objective: In this survey articular capsuls and their communications and carpal bone ligaments in Azarbaijan Gharbi buffalo were studied.
Design: Exploratory study.
Animals: Ten forelimb of buffalo (five for studying articular capsul and five for studying ligaments).
Procedure: The samples were provided of urmia slaughter house, transported to laboratory immediately. In laboratory, the latex injected into carpal joint, the samples were then, dissected and articular sacs were studied. For studying of carpal ligaments, five buffalo_ carpus were provided and fixed in laboratory immediately. These samples were dissected three days later.
Results: The buffalos carpus joint has three articular sacs. (proximal, middle and distal). Proximal articular sacs communicated to middle articular sac by space between radial carpal bone and intermediate carpal bone. Middle carpal articular sac is communicated to distal articular sac by a duct that is passing ventral border of ulnar carpal bone. Also middle articular sac is communicated to distal articular sac by two ducts. They are passing dorsal and palmar aspect of space between c4 and c2 + 3. Articular sac of joint of accessory carpal bone is communicated to distal articular sac by a narrow duct.
Conclusion: Results of this research showed communication between all carpal articular sacs. These results can be used for injection into carpal joint. By entering needle, between extensor carpi radialis and extensor digitorum communis, proximal and dorsal of accessory carpal bone. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran 57,4: 17-22, 2002.