Objective: I) To compare two methods, CMT (California mastitis test) and ECT (Electrical Conductivity Test) for detection of subclinical mastitis in dairy cows. 2) To survey the prescence of subclinical mastitis in some dairy cows in Garmsar. Design: Population screening survey.
Animals: one hundred fourteen cows.
Procedures: Evaluation of milk samples from 455 quarters of dairy cows by MAS-D-TEC device to measure the electrical conductivity graded 0 to 9, comparing the same samples with the evaluation of CMT graded negative, T (Trace), +1, +2 and +3. Preparation of milk samples in aseptic manner and sending them to the bacteriology Lab. Statistical analysis: Chi square test.
Results: Of total samples sent for bacteriology, 69.54% were positive which have been of ECT grades 25 whereas all grades of CMT have bacteriologicaly shown positive results. The most consistency (90.3%) was observed between the grade 9 of ECT and +3 of CMT.
Conclusion: It seems that. ECT measured by MAS-D-TEC device can be a proper substitution f()r the old method, CMT to screen
subclinical mastitis due to its rapidity, ease of application together with capability to interpret the results (specially in the grades 27 of this device)../. Fac, Vet. Med. Univ, Tehran. 57, 4: 9/-96, 2002.