Objective: To determine direction, number and relation of corpus cavernosum's canals with each other and cavernous spaces in buffalo.
Samples: Twenty mature buffalo's penis.
Procedure: Injection of colored plastic material to corpus cavernosum's canals in the proximal part of penis in order to study the route and relation of canals after dissolving soft tissues in acid. Results: There is a single canal that courses distally in the dorsal and proximal part of the corpus cavernosum penis to the sigmoid flexure, where it is connected by anastomoses to two ventrolateral canals, one on each sides of urethral groove. These canals extend from sigmoid flexure to the distal end and their accessory branches lead to cavernous spaces.
Conclusion: Presence of these canals along the penis explain fast erection in these animals' penis. J. Fac. Vet. Met/. Univ. Tehran. 58,3: 207-210, 2003