Objective: Bacteriological study of urine in cattle at Tehran abattoirs. Animals: Four hundred five cattles.
Procodure: In 1998 a total of 405 urine samples were obtained from cattle slaughtered at Tehran abattoirs. Out of these 270 were from cows of above 2 years of age, 71 from heifers below 2 years of age and 64 from bulls.
Statistical analysis: Chi-square test.
Results: From 405 urine samples, 43 (10.6%) were positive. Group
of C. renale 9(20%) cases (8 C. renale and 1 C. pylosums), E. coli 20(46%), Staphylococcus sp 13 (30%), Streptococcus sp 1(2.3%), Alcaligenes faecalis 1(2.3%) and Flavobacterium sp 1(2.3%). Conclusions: The results obtained in this study showed there were significant changes between two different age-groups of cows using Chi-square analysis in urine examination. There was more contamination of urine in cows of above 2 years of age. The significant changes were observed between female and male cows below 2 years of age, but there were no significant changes in these animals above 2 years of age. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 3: 231-233, 2003.