Objective: Diagnosis of Salmonella carrier calves by using feces culture, agglutination test and Dot ELISA.
Procedure: 216 sera and feces samples were obtained from calves in farms of around of Tehran. The feces sampels were cultured in enrichment and selective media and then isolated Salmonella were serotyped by a and H antisera. The sera samples were tested for a and H agglutinins via Widal and Dot ELISA tests.
Statistical analysis: ANOVA and when a significance different was seen, Duncan's Multiple Range Test.
Results: In this study two serotypes including: Salmonella typhimurium (4 cases) and Salmonella dublin (2 cases) were isolated from feces. In serological tests 5 and 15 sera samples were positive in Widal and ELISA tests respectively.
Conclusion: From the results of this study it seems that dot Elisa method is very sensitive in diagnosis of Salmonella carrier calves than other tests.