Objective: To compare the effect of artemisia solution and c1otrimazole on the treatment of dermatophytosis in cats & dogs. Design: Experimental study.
Animals: Sixty eight cats and 23 doge with proven ringworm infection.
Procedure: The infected animals were received 3% Artemisia sieberi solution (44 cats and 14 dogs )or topical c1otrimazole (24cats and 9dogs), respectively.
Statistical analysis: Chi-square test.
Results: Clinical cure were observed in 34 cats (77.3%) and 10 dogs (71.4%) after therapy with artemisia solution, wheareas clinical responses were obtained in 17 cats (70.8%) and 6 dogs (66.7%)
when clotrimazole were used. Regarding to clinical cure and Mycological responses, there were no significant differences in the animals under study.
Conclusion: It is concluded that Artemisia solution, as a new antifungal agent, should be used to treatment in animals having dermatophytosis into the Future.