1 Mashhad

2 Tehran


Objective: Case presentation of oral malignant melanoma in a dog
Design: Case report
Animal: A 15 years old Yorkshire terrier bitch.
Case history: In the spring of 1996 a dog was admitted in the Small Animal Hospital of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Tehran University with the signs of halitosis, fistulae tract beneath her left medial canthus arid haemorrhagie salivation. In clinical examination of the oral cavity, a black tumoral mass, which was attached to the left molar gingival of the maxilla, was observed. There was not seen arty local invasion to the bone and systemic metastasis to lungs by radiological examination. The tumoral mass was excised and sent for histopathological examination. The diagnosis of malignant, melanoma was confirmed.
Clinical implication: Oral malignant melanoma is one of the most malignant tumours in the dogs. This kind of tumour usually has poor prognosis. This is the first report of oral malignant melanoma in dogs in Iran. J. Fac. 14!. Med. Univ. Tehran. 57, 2: 5-7 2002.