Objective: To determine the fauna and prevalence of roundworm infections of red foxes in Iran.
Design: Sample Survey.
Animals: Twenty four red foxes were catched from different parts of Iran.
Procedure: Examination of different organs including alimentary canal, abdominal cavity, liver, Kidneys, Heart and lungs for roundworm infections were done. The worms found in the washed contents of alimentary canal and sliced organs were collected, counted and indentified under the microscope after being cleared in lactophenol.
Results: Alimentary tract was the only organ to be found infected with 10 species of nematodes and one speceis of acanthocephale as follow. Oesophagus: Spirocerca lupi (12.5%). Stomach:
Physaloptera praeputialis (4%), Spirura Jytipleurites (16.5%). Small intestine: Toxascaris leonina (12%), Peterigoderiniatites (Multipectines) affinis (20%), Ancylostorna caninurn (25%), Uncinaria stenocephala (4%). Capillaria sp. (4%), Oxynema crassispiculum (54%), Onicola canis (24%). Large intestine:
Trichuris vulpis (8%).
Conclusion: All the parasites reported here are recorded for the first time from red fox in Iran and S. rytipleurites, P. affinis, 0. crassispiculum, capillaria sp and Onicala canis are reported for the first time from carnivores of Iran. According to minimum and maximum number of worms recovered from infected animals (two for P praeputialis and 48 for. 0. crassispiculum) no pathogcnicity can be noticed for worm burden of examined animals. J. Fee. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 57, 2: 47-48, 2002.