Objective: To evaluate transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation in treatment of chronic tendosynovitis in horses. Design: Clinical field study. Animals: Fifteen adult sport horses of different breeds and sexes Methods: Horses were randomly divided into 3 groups of five
animals each according to local swelling, pain, duration of lameness and type of treatment suggested. In group I animals, local analgesic ointment was used once a day for 30 days, whereas in group II animals transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation (TENS) was
given 24 minutes for 15 to 30 days. The combination of red-lamp
exposure for 15 minutes from 30cm distance followed by T.E.N.S application 24 minutes daily for 15 to 30 days subscqucnlly in animals of group III. Statistical analysis: Paired student “t” test.
Result: There was no apparent quantitative or qualitative changes
in group I animals. There was complete improvement in 3 horses
of group 11 within 15 days with no pain or resistance during the exercise or application of pressure on the site. The mild degree of pain and lameness was observed in 2 cases of this group. There was complete improvement and good prognosis in 4 cases of group
III with no significant changes in local circumferences. Conclusions: Clinical observations shown even so there is local
reaction in chronic tendosynovitis cases as major clinical sign but application of such physical methods (TENS) having effect on increasing local blood supply and diminishing pain will have
positively drastic effect on increasing body performances. Clinical relevance: T.E.N.S as a physical method of therapy is quite effective in reducing pain and swelling in chronic tendosynovitis in horses. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 57, 2: 51-55, 2002.