Objectives: To determine hydroxyproline and connective tissue in heated meat products (birchinken) marktting in Tchran in order to determination of protein quality in this product.
Design: Cross- Sectional.
Sample: Sixty samples from birchinken.
Procedure: In this Survey 60 Samples of birchinken contain meat more than 80% produced by 12 factories, selected via haphazardly sampling and the hydroxyproline, collagen and collagen! crude protein contents were analyzed in all samples by spectrophotometric method
Statistical analysis: One-way Analysis of Variance.
Results: This study showed that means of hydroxyprolinc, collagen and collagenous connective tissue/crude protein in I OOgr birchinken produced by 12 factories were in order: 0.190.01(0.16-0.21), 1 .540.04 (1.19-1.66) and 9190.74 (7.55-10.0). There were not significant differences between them.
Conclusion: It was councluded that chemical analysis such as biological analysis should be used for quality control of meat products, and means of hydroxyproline, collagen. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 57, 2: 83-87, 2002.