Objective: Study of different genotypes among S .abortusovis strains.
Design: Observation study.
Samples: 58 Salmonella abortusovis strains belonged to different countries were studied.
Procedure: 1S200 fingerprinting by Southern blot hybridisation have been applied for genotyping.
Results: 8 different genotypes identified within strains under study. All genotypes contained 3 to 5 copies of 1S200 and revealed high relatedness to their origins.
Conclusion: Using 1S200 fingerprinting for Iranian S.abortusovis strains showed high polymorphism because each province at least had one distinct pattern. Also this method remains as a sensitive method for typing the S.abortusovis. J.Fac. Vet.Med. Univ. Tehran. 60,1:43- 47,2005.