Objectives: Side effects of 100 and 200ppm clove oil were studied
on some haematological parameters, serum enzymes and brain,
liver, kidney, spleen and gill of common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Animals: Common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Procedure: Anaesthesia in common carp was induced by 100 and 200ppm clove oil under acceptable water quality conditions at 20±2°c and hematological and biochemical parameters and
histopathology of hematopoietic tissues (kidney and spleen), liver,
brain and gills were studied. Statistical analysis: SPSS and SX software one way ANOVA and student t-test.
Results: No significant differences were found in levels of WBC
RBC, haematocrit, haemoglobin, MCH, MCHC, alanintransaminase (ALT), aspartatetransaminase (AST), alkalinphosphatase (ALP) and lactatedehydrogenase (LDH) between the anaesthetized fish and control groups (0.3>P>0. 1). Also, there was not any histological
abnormality observable in liver, kidney, spleen and gills of anaesthetized groups. However, only hyperemia was seen in brain of both groups. Conclusion: According to the results administration of clove oil,
up to 200ppm in aquaculture is safe and recommended. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 59, 3: 295-299, 2004.