Objective: To study the presence of spy genes among different
Salmonella serovars that isolated m veterinaiy microbiology departement
Design: Observation study.
Samples : A total of 138 Salmonella strains belonged to 9 different serovars were studied.
Procedure: In this study we applied PCR method using PG44 and
PG48 primers to amplify spvR gene in different serotypes. Results: In PCR amplification, serotyps S.abortusovis, S.dublin, S.typhimurium and S.brandburg developed the 890 bp amplicons.
S.typhi, S.senftenberg and S.bovismorb,ficans have yielded
nonspecific bands of different sizes. S.newport revealed no band
in amplification.
Conclusion: Salmonella serotypes such as typhi, senftenberg and bovismorb/lcans with nonspecific bands in PCR amplification does not share virulence plasmids. Furthermore, spvR loci could
be considered as a good marker for presence or absence of virulence
plasmids in different Salmonella serotypes.