Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of diagnosed disorders or anomalies in different organs and systems and also effects of breed, age and sex on disorders incidence rate. Design: Retrospective study on cattle radiographs.
Animals: A total of 74 cattle referred to the radiology division.
Procedure: Data were collected of 171 cattle radiographs, which had been taken in the division of radiology during a 4-year period between 1998-2002. Radiographs were evaluated for site of injuries and relation of breed, sex and age with disorders incidence rate. The
information was finally gathered in charts specified for frequency
of disorders, sex, age and breed. Results: The disorders were fractures, osteomylitis, arthritis,
actinomycosis, pneumonia, colon Artesia, OCD and etc. The most
frequent disorder was fractures (16.7%) and sites of the fractures
were at lower jaw (7.1 O/), midshaft of radius and ulna, and digits
(each 4.8%).All the colon Artesia cases were detected in male calves. Frequency of disorders in immature cattle (89.4%) had a very obvious difference with matures (l0.6%).Actinomycosis was more in female.
Clinical implication: This study showed the potency of radiography
in diagnosis of cattle diseases and disorders and also percentage
of incidence probability of them in connection with factors such as sex, breed, age and site in different organs and systems of cattle.