Objective: To compare the effect of HMG-CoA reductase and ACAT inhibition on the protein and phospholipid contents of perfusate VLDLI and VLDL2.
Design: Experimental study.
Animal: Guina pig.
Procedure: After anesthesia and abdominal surgery, guinea pig liver was perfused by Krebs-Henslite buffer through
completely closed perfusion system. in continue the effect of
progesterone, lovastatin and progesterone plus lovastatin on the perfusate VLDLI and VLDL2 contents was studied. For this reason, VLDL fractions were separarted by cumulative flotation ultracentrifugation ,confirmed by electrone microscopy and in each pool total protein(TOP), total lipid and phospholipid (PL) were measured.
Statistical analysis: Percent of 90 minute point mean secretion were compared among different treatment groups by ANOVA More over, slope linear regression between each of treatment group and control was analyzed by t-student test.
Results: Progesterone has no significant effect on total lipid, TOP and PL contents of VLDL 1 while percent slope changes of linear regression for VLDL2 contents show a significant decrease in lovastatin treatment group (P<0.05). Lovastatin lowers total lipid (by 20%) in VLDLI and (by 41 %) in VLDL2.PL decrease is 20% in VLDLI and 39% VLDL2.These changes in Progesterone plus lovastatin
treatment group are 20% and 40% for total lipid and 21 % and
44% for phospholipid.
Clinical implications: The effect of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors on smaller VLDL2 is more than larger VLDL1.These findings are important for using of LDL animal as a model for studying of lipoprotein disorders. J.Fac. Vet.Med. Univ. Tehran.59,4:357-364,2004.