Objective: To compare the healing effects of vitamine A and phenytoin sodium in cutaneous lesion caused by surgical slice in Gild fish (Carracius auratus).
Design: Comparative experimental study.
Animals: Division of 99 fish into three groups (33 fish in each group).
Procedure: Division of fish into three groups, to create a slice (1.5 cm in length, 2mm in depth) adjacent to the ventral midline and assessment the development of healing processes in the days 5,10 and 20 in three groups, group 1: to make use of vitamin A ointment in the site of slice, group 2: to make use of phenytoin sodium ointment and one control group.
Statistical analysis: Kruskal wallis test.
Results: in histopathological examination, there were necrosis of epithelial and muscle cells associated with inflammatory cells in the day 5 which were more prominent in group I and control immature and mature granulation tissue, collagen fibers and epithelial regeneration were much more prominent in group 2 included mature granulation tissue and regular collagen fibers which were more developed than the other groups.
Clinical implications: From the results of this study it seems that
prescription of phenytoin sodium could be recommended for improving the healing process in Gold fish skin injuries.(Carracius auratus). J. Fac. Vet. Med Univ. Tehran. 57, 1: 43-46, 2002.