Objective: Assessment of camel sperm motility obtained from cauda epididymis in Green buffer with or without 20% egg yolk. Design: Descriptive study.
Samples: Testicles from Dromedary camel.
Procedure: Dromedary camel testicles (n= 1 00) were obtained from slaughter-house, cauda were incised in the laboratory. The sperm cells were transferred into Green Buffer medium and sperm motility was assessed.
Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics, l-test.
Results: No motility was observed in epididymal sperm obtained
from testicles transported in warm saline, however, transportation of testicles in 4-5°C supported sperm motility by 80%. After incubation, 5% of sperm cells from caput epididymis were motile. These values were 20%, 50% and 90% for caput-body, body-cauda and cauda regions respectively. No significant different was observed between motility of right and left testicles respectively.
Approximately 80% of epididymal sperm cells from cauda epididymis were motile in Green buffer + 20% egg yolk after I hour incubation which was significantly higher (P Conclusion: Dromedary camel epididymal sperm cells motility is supported by Green buffer. J. Fae. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 4: 369-372,2003.