Out of 38 isolated salmonella from feces, 36 (94.73%) were resistance to
one or a few antibiotics. The highest rate of resistance was against streptomycin (80.55%). The resistance to Co-trimoxazole ampicilin, nalidixic acid and
Kanamycin was 38.80%, 16.66%, 11.11% and 5.55% respectively.
The isolate aU were sensitive to tetracycline, chloramphenicol, amikacin
and furazolidone. The P value for the rate of drug resistance was significance
Of the total isolates, 20 cases (55.55%) were able to transfer all or at least parts of their resistance factor to E. Coli. Transfer of a triple drug resistance was
100% although transfer of double and mono drug resistance was 62.5% and 47.36% respectively. Among total isolates, 31 isolates (81.57%) were S. dublin and 7 isolates (18.43%) were S. typhimurium.