Heated and formalin zed antigens of salmonella abort us ovis strains were injected subcutaneo usly to goats and rabbits. The immunization period was taken 11 months for goat and 9 months for rabbit. Precipitinin, agglutinin antibodies and delayed type hypersensitivity responses were evaluated by agar gel immunodiffusion, Immunoelectrophoresis, serum agglutination and skin tests. Six nonspecific and one specific antigens of S. abort us ovis were found in AGID test, we found specific antibody in experimental infected rabbits sera, as well. Theses test’s revealed that heated antigens elicit precipitinins and DTH reaction more than formalin zed antigen, but the latter produced agglutinins titre more than heated antigen. Absorbed hyperimmun serum with, S. typhimuxium only reacted with S. abortus ovis antigens. To detect anti S. abort us ovis antibodies, We examined 1727 sera of sheep and goats by SAT and AGID tests. 1.2 and 1.68% of them were positive in SAT and AGID test , respectively. Rapid agglutination test wasn’t a proper screening test, since , 75% of 200 sera were positive. There is no significant difference between AGID and SAT tests (a= 0.05).