Eleven domestic animals 3 horses, 5 cattles, 3 dogs) with 13 lesions (2 Equine sarcoid, 1 Exubearant granulation tisssue, 1 Treatment reflected & persistent wound, 1 Interdigital skin hyperplasia, 1 Digital dermatitis, 2 Verrucose dermatitis, 1 Haernangioma in vaginal mucosa, 1 Big pedunculated
teatfibroplpioma, 2 Perianal gland tumors and 1 Unidentified tumor) were selected. Cryosurgery was performed on 12 lesions out of 13 and 1 lesion (one of the two Equine sarcoid in a horse) left intact, inorder to observing tumor regression due to cryosurgical immunologic effect. 12 lesions were cured with no complication and the intact tumor regressed to one - tenth of primary dimension. In cases with probablitiy of recurrency, monitoring for longer time was achieved and only in 1 case (Perianal gland tumor in a dog) the tumor was recurred after 128 days follow up.