A survey was conducted on one thousand sheep in quarantine of Fars slaughter house. From this population, a group of 126 sheep with symptom of ovine malignant theileriosis were selected. the prep eared Blood smears showed that 92 sheep had
parasite Mie fluorescent antibody .The results showed that among parasitemia. Sensitivity and specificity of IFA in the diagnosis of 102 positive sera, 85.29% had theileria hirci with in their blood malignant theileriosis in sheep was determined 94.57% and smears while out of 43 negative IFA’S sera, 11.93% had 71.70% respectively.
addition, 19 healthy sheep were taken out as the control group.
A total of 145 sera from infected a and noninfected sheep were
tested for antibody against theileria lestoquardi (T. hirci) by indirect
In wich considered as the infected group.