Present survey was conducted between may 1995 to April 1996, to study the helminths infection of Dolfin fish (Coryphanea hippurus,. n = 192) in off shore of Oman sea. Four species of helmints were recognized throughout this study including, Dipplootobotrium spp (Plerocercoid), Hysterothylacium aduncun, Anisakis spp and Serrasentis socialis (Acanthocephala). The rate of infection with Diplootobotrium spp was 86.4% found in serosal layer of stomach, abdominal cavity in the muscle and under the skin. The infection rate in fall (90.6%) and in winter (91.2%) was more (P<0/05) than that in spring (76.7%). The infection rate with Anisakis spp was 9.3% found in the abdaminal cavity, liver, spleen in the muscles. The infection rate of was 22.9% found in the stomach, intestine and pancratic duct. There was only one adult form of Serrasentis socialis which was found in the intestine.