The purpose of this research that was carried out for 4 years was to establish a special diagnostic method for identification of salmonella typhimurium infections via examining the human and animal sera. To approach this goal, this research was done in three steps: 1- Preparation of the anti S.typhimuriurn hyperimmunesera and preparation of specific aintibodies against this bacterium. Therefore two kinds of animals i.e goats and rabbits were immunized with heated and formalized antigens of S. typhimurium during over 300 days. Double immunodifusion (ID) test revealed that sera of immunized goats detected 8 precipitation arcs and sera of immunized rabbits detected 4 arcs against heated antigen of S.
typhimurium at maximum with these immune sera we detected specific antigenic structure of S. typhimurium. 2- Development of an experimental salmonellosis in rabbits with S. typhimurium, S. dublin and .S. abrotus ovis. In this experiment, we distincted infected rabbits with S. typhimurium from other infected rabbits with, S. dublin and S. abortus ovis by ID test. 3- Identificaton of S. typhimurium infection by examining human & animal sera. In this step, totaly 2120 sera samples of human (309 amples) & animals (1546 cattle, 215 sheep and 59 camel) were examined by ID test.