Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to examine the surface ultrastructure of adult worms of Haemonchus contort us. They possessed a small bucall cavity with a dorsal lancet,6 internal labial papillae,6 external labial papillae, 4 somatic papillae and two lateral amphidal pits. The cervical papillae were prominent and spine-like. The excretory pore was present. The male bursa had elongated lateral lobes supported by long, slender rays; the small dorsal lobe was asymmetrically situated against the left lateral lobe and supported by a V-shaped dorsal ray. On the ventral aspect of the genital cone, the “0” or ventral papilla was observed. The spicules were long, each provided with a small barb and pore near its extremity. The vulva of the female was covered by a Lingui form process or flap and the anal pore had a simple dorsal rim and a muscular ventral rim. On the lateral sides of the female’s tail, phasmidal apertures were observed.