Mucormycosis has known as one of the acute form of fungal diseases individuals with diabetes mellitus and patients suffering from neutropenia. In this study, in order to evalutation & comparison of the immunization activity of different antigens of R. oryaz, 12 goats were chosen & divided in to 3 group. Then, every groups were injected by different antigens. Group 1 injected by crude antigens, group 2 by cytoplasmic antigens, & group 3 recieved 2 different protein of R. oryzae extract. In this study lymphocyte transformation test and C.I.E were carried out. The results of this study showed that the mean of lymphocyte stimulation index against con A were 6 , 5.8 and 6, resperctively. But. the results against crude antigens were 7.9, 7.2 and 7.7, as well. Also, in CIE, by using the sera of the animals the percipitin anitbodies were appeared in the all groups. Regarding to the results of this study, it seems that the 2 proteins (34 and 40 KD) of this fungus, can stimulate of cell mediated and humoral immunity on high level and they act as virulance antigens. Thus, in order to immunization and prevention from growing of R. oryzae and control the lesions progress, the 2 antigens should be used instead of the crude or cytoplasmic antigens.