In this study, we have extracted two kinds of tissue antigens from calf liver. We have prepared the goat and rabbit hyper immune sera by injecting these antigens for a long time: goat; 57 injections on 428 days, rabbit; 30 injections on 240 days. We have studied hum oral response by application of immunodiffusion (ID) methode and finally the specificity of the methode was constructed by production of specific antibodies. By this methode 1454 bovine, 207 sheep and 366 human sera have been studied. The results indicated that: 0.1 percent of aparently healthy Holstein c and 2.11% of ordirary sick cattles had the hepatic specific antibodies. This state in the sheep was 14%. In human being. 19% of patients with hepatic disorders and 6% of the other patients (that had not hepatic affections) shows the antihepatic antibodies.