In this study, Various ECG Parameters were evaluated by using standard limb leads on 14 normal, ascitic and 24 CRDaffected broiler Chickens (Hybro). ECG tracings were analysed for heart rate, rhythm, intervals (P,RS,TP,T), segments (P-R, S-T) and amplitudes (P, QRS, T). After recording the ECGs, all ascitic and CRD-affected chickens were necropsied and gross lesions were recorded for comparison with the ECG parameters. The results of ECG analysis and necropsy findings were as follows, heart rate in ascitic group was lower than the CRD-affected and normal groups, rhythm was regular in all chickens except in 3 cases of ascitic group which had arrhythmias, 2 sinus arrhythmia and one A-V dissociation, mean ECG intervals in ascitic and CRD-affected broilers were longer than those of the normal group, however, the differences which were significant observed for P-R and S-T segments (P<0.05), mean wave amplitudes of ascitic and CRD-affected chickens were longer than, those of the normal broilers. These differences were statistically significant among 3 groups (P<0.03), the shape of ECG waves were variable in all 3 groups, the Q (q) wave, which is very rare in normal chickens, was observed in ascitic and CRD-affected broilers. It was prominant on leads aVR and aVL. There was a correlation between the ECGs and necropsy findings of ascitic and CRD-affected groups.