Objective: Study on Giardia spp, among the pet dogs of Isfahan.
Design: Cross-sectional study.
Animals: One hundered and twenty dogs.
Procedure: Faecal specimens of 120 pet dogs which were referrd to the small animal clinic of Isfahan were tested for Giardia spp. The diagnosis of Giardia spp was based on indentification of cycts or trophozoietes in faece. Direct and formalin - ether methods as well as trichorme staining were apllied for identification of Giardia spp.
Statistical analysis: Fisher exact test.
Results: The results indicated that 4 dogs (3.33%) were infected with Giardia spp.
Clinic implication: Because of probable infection of human by this species, our findings recommend killing of stray dogs and treatment of infected ones. J.Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 61,2:161-163,2006.