Objective: To Detect invA gene in Salmonella serotypes byPCR.
Samples: Sixty Salmonella strains were isolated from animals and human sources.
Procedure: In this research, 60 isolated Salmonella from animals and human were tested by biochemical tests (such as carbohydrate utilization and urease) and then were serogrouped by Salmonella 0 antisera.The DNA of isolated Salmonella were extracted by Holmes and Quigley method. Two primers (St139 and 5t141) and PCR reagents were used for amplication of invA gene. PCR reaction was carried out in Master cycler. The PCR products were loaded into 1.2% agarose gel and electrophoresed for 60 minutes at 120 V.
Results: All isolates showed biochemical properties of Salmonellae. In PCR assay, target gene (invA gene) with 284bp size were observed in all of strains, which is corresponded with size of positive control and DNA marker. So in this survey all strains had invA gene.
Conclution: Acorrding to the results of this study PCR method based on invA gene is useful for rapid identification of Salmonella serotypes. J.Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 61,2:195-199,2006