Objective: Isolation of Taylorella equigenitalis from mare
Design: To take clitorial swab samples and their culture for isolataion of Taylor Ella equigenitalis.
Samples: A total of 57 clitorial swab samples from 57 mares in horse populations of Shahrekord were examined.
Procedure: The samples were collected from mares reared under
conventional housings. For the detection of T equigenitalis external genital is were disinfected by chlorhexidine. swab samples from clitoria fossa and sinuses were to bacteriological laboratory in Ames transport media and transported cultured on chocholate agar
+ streplomycin followed by 24h incubation in 5-7% C02 at 37
degree centigrade. In order to identify T. equgenitalis different biochemical tests were performed for suspected colonies.
Results: According to this investigation T equigenitalis was isolated
from t o mares in one population.
Clinical implications: This is the first time isolation of T .
equigenitalis in Iran so it can be considered as a causal agents of equine endometritis. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 2: 95-96, 2003.