Objective: Evaluation of histological signs of follicular atresia in Buffalo.
Samples: Mature buffalo ovaries.
Procedure: Buffalo ovaries were collected and fixed to process for tissue sectionning. Histological observation using PAS, Oil Red O and H&E techniques.
Results: The majority of Buffalo ovarian follicles undergo atresia. Histological signs of follicular atresia that were observed including:
shrinkage of follicle with oocyte, dispersion of granulosa cell layer, dispered cumulus cells, denudation of oocyte and flotation of oocyte in follicular antrum, polarization of vitelin granuls in oocyte, separation of granulosa layer from thecal layer, dispresion of picnotic granulosa cells in antrum, formation of squamus cell layer of granulosa next to the antrum and collapse of antral follicle. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 2: 149-1 53, 2003.