Objectives: Is there Leptospiral sero infectious in shepherd of dairy cattle herds? 2- Which Leptospira serovar are the causes of infectious for shepherd of dairy cattle herds? 3- How much is the titer of sero infectious?
Design: Prospective study.
Animals: Twenty four non vaccinal shepherd of 18 industrial dairy cattle herds.
Methods: A total of 24 shepherd serum sample were collected from 18 dairy cattle herds. Serum samples were tested for Leptospira interrogans antibody using microscopic agglutination test (MAT) by using 22 alive Leptospira antigens.
Statistical analysis: Chi square test.
Results: Ten (41/6%) dogs’ sera showed positive serological reaction against antigens. All of sera reacted to one serovar. The minimum MAT titer was 1:200 and the highest were 1:800. The most common serovar was canicola hondutrech IV (N= 6 60%) and the serovar icterohaemorragiae icterohaemorragia (No= 4, 40%) had infected shepherd, too.
Conclusions: It is likely that shepherd of dairy cattle herd be infected with Leptospira and transmit to dairy cattle and the employees. In the present study, 9 male dogs ( 90% of total infected dog;) reveal leptospirosis, which may reflect an increased risk of exp)sure. The shepherd must be immunized against leptospirosis.
.J. Fec. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 2: 177-1 79, 2003.