Objective: To assess the correlation between blood profile and reproductive disorders in dairy cattle.
Design: Field study.
Animals: Seventy two healthy and 72 affected Holestien cows.
Procedure: Recording the data of reproductive failures of cows between 2 to 5 calving no. Palpation of uterus and ovaries per rectum were carried out to assess the reproduction system failure. Blood sampls from jugular vein to determine metabolic profile. Statistical analysis: ANOVA followed by Duncan’s test.
Results: Results showed that blood urea in the repeat breeder cows were significantly higher than healthy cows (P<0.05). However, corcentration of blood glucose in the healthy cows, persistent corpus luteum cows and repeat breeders were the same but, it decreased in inactive ovaries and persistent follicle cows (P<0.05). The phosphorus concentration in healthy cows was higher than static ovaries, persistent follicle and repeat breeders cows (P<0.05). The blood calcium concentration was constant in all groups. The amount of Progestrone of repeat breeders were lower than the healthycows (p<0.0l).
Conclusion: These data suggested that it is possible to diagnose reproductive failures in dairy cows by using metabolic profile test to improve pregnancy rates in dairy cttle herds. J. Fac. Vet. Med. Univ. Tehran. 58, 2: 181-186, 2003.