Abomasa from 400 randomly selected cows were examined at the
local slaughter house during one year. Abomasal lesions were
assessed macroscopically and histopathologically. Of the 400
abomasa examined, 67 (16.75%) with confidence limits
(12.75%-20.75%) had ulcerative lesions of the mucosa. AU ulcers
microscopically were classified as erosions and observed mainly in
the fundic region in two forms of rounded and linear erosions. Of
the 67 abomasal erosions, 24(35.8%), 32(47.8%) and 11(16.4%)
specimens had superficial, moderate and deep erosions,
respectively. The data were subjected to Chi-square test and results
indicated no significant relation between occurrence of abomasal
ulcers and some factors such as season, age and sex.