Milk is one of the most important animal food products which has special nutritional value different factors could affect the raw milk quality and the quality of dairy products. The industry has more emphasis in economical value of the componants of milk such as fat and evaluate this parameter as the base of the payment of raw milk to the farmers. Scince the hygienic quality and the content of protein and casein in raw milk are also important specialy in fermented dairy products, it would be more effective to examine and measure these parameters in raw milk in factory. In this study 48 samples of raw milk in Iran Milk Industry Factory in winter were collected and examined microbiologicaly and chemicaly. The results were as follows : Acidity 14.34(CI=14.15-14.52), Dencity 30.66(CI=30.50-3082), Fat 3.58(Cl=3.49-3.66), pH 6.75 (CI=6.71-6.80), Temperature 6.87(CI=6.37-7.37), Freezing point
-0.537(CI=-0.535-0.540), Protein 3.12(CI=3.08), Casein 2.42(C1=2.37-2.48), Total Bacterial Count 1.76x106(1.02x106
2.49x :L06). The positive results of Alcohol 62 test were 4.2% and for Alcohol 72 test were 29.2% of the samples. The clotting time was after 2.5 hours and the appearance of the clot was mildly firm. According to the result the control of hygienic condition in milk production chain is essential.