Analysis of 8 biochemical parameters were carried out on fasting serum obtained from 38 Kurd horses of both sexes. The mean, standard deviation and 2.5 to 97.5 percentile values were calculated for each analyte. The established reference ranges for 8 biochemical parameters were: glucose (69.25-89.75 mg/dL), triglyceride (15.38-60.63 mg/dL), Cholestrol (63.38-111.25 mg/dL), Creatinine (0.8-1.5 mg/dL), BUN (7.75-25 mg/dL), Uric acid (0.39-0.94 mg/dL), total bilirubin (0.5-2.06 mg/dL) and direct bilirubin (0.1-0.61 mg/dL). With the exception of creatinine all other biochemical values were similar to those reported for other horse races.