An experiment was carried out to evaluate and compare the natural mating and Artificial Insemination (Al) in a commercial broiler breeders (ARIAN hybrid). To assay the effects of factors including: number of insemination (one or two times per week), depth of insemination (3 or 5 cm) and time of insemination (5 P.M or 7:30 P.M), the experiment was carried out in completely randomized design with 3 replications and 4 hens per each group. The experimental period was 8 weeks. The results of the study were showed that

the hatchability rate in two times insemination per week was significantly higher than one insemination per week (P<0.01). The hatchability rate in insemination with 5 cm depth was significantly higher that 3 cm depth at the level of(P<0.05). Insemination at 7:30 P.M showed significantly higher hatchability rate than 5:00 P.M (P<0.0l). Two times a week insemination at 7:30 P.M in 5 cm depth gave the best result, in first 5 weeks of the study. The hatchability rate of natural mating was significantly higher that Al from I to 5 weeks of test. But there was no differences between two treatments from 6 to 8 weeks. At 7th and 8th weeks the hatchability rate of Al was slightly higher than natural mating.