Hb A1C is a useful determinant for identification of subclinical diabet mellitus in dog. Therefore, determination of normal value of Hb A1c in normal configuration dogs is demanded. In this study. total blood samples were taken from 45 dogs (30 male and 15 female) for determination of Hb A1C concentration through colorimetric method by prepared kits. In this method, Hb A1C was exposed to Oxalic Acid and hydrolysed by that and 5 — hydroxy methyl furfural produced. Proteins were percipitated by Trichloro Acetic Acid and upper phase was reacted by Thiobarbituric Acid and provided colored solution. It’ s absorbance was assayed in 443 nm. Mean and standard deviation in total samples were 5.69 ± 0.95 respectively. Hb A1C concentration between males and
females was not significantly differed. and also there was no
significant difference between age groups.